August 15, 2018

Dear Customers,

We have processed a few updates to our assets in the past few weeks and you can find an overview of these here.

Major Updates:

Multiplayer Lobby System:
The Multiplayer Lobby System 4.20 release should be available to download from the UE4 Launcher.

In case you haven’t purchased it yet and wish to see more information, please follow this link:

From here on the product will be renamed to Multiplayer Lobby Kit. The 4.20 release is a complete new product which was created from scratch.
From here on the pre 4.20 version will be discontinued and upcoming versions (4.21+) will be based on the 4.20 version.
The new version now supports Seamless Travel, which is a key element for the Steam Subsystem. In addition it now supports the usage of DedicatedServers.


Minor Updates:


We have added multiplayer support for this asset.
This will allow you to enter photomode in multiplayer and take pictures(this does make you unable to pause the game for pictures, but this is handled automatically in the kit).

Character Stats Kit:

We have released a general bugfix on this asset.


We have added the ability to unlock categories by default(Achievements, notes, characters, locations and objects), each separately able to be unlocked by default.